Final thoughts on the trade deadline.

I was going to add this in the comments section of the poll, but it seems better, and as long as a fanpost.

To be fair - Going into the deadline, the Yankees had some significant areas in need of upgrade and they accomplished most of what they tried to do.

Effross and Trivino have much higher upside than many currently in the bullpen.

Those four players should raise the ceiling for this team and give them better matchups in the postseason. In 2019 and 2020, these type moves may have been the difference in making it to the World Series and not making it, but they basically stood pat at the deadline those years. If you break down playoff scenarios/matchups this team is in much better shape to go after #28 than they were before these moves were made. But, I can't help from being reminded of a feeling this organization seems to dump on me all too often in recent years...disappointment.

I'm disappointed that two more giant names changed teams and the Yankees weren't the final destination. Add Castillo and Soto to: Harper, Machado, Seager, Correa, Arenado, Scherzer, Verlander, and on, and on, it goes.

I'm disappointed that we traded away a homegrown guy that while unspectacular, he's been everything the Yankees have needed from him for at least the last two years.

I'm disappointed that we'll still have to deal with an abysmal hitting Kyle Higashioka in the lineup about 40% of the time.

I'm disappointed that another transaction season came and went with no true SS on this team.(I'm sorry, IKF is a replacement player)

I'm disappointed that we're obviously going to be stuck with Domingo German toting the rubber every fifth day.

I'm disappointed that for some god forsaken reason, Miguel Andujar and Estevan Florial are still on this roster. It's obvious neither of them are part of any future plans in NY, so give them a chance somewhere else.

I'm disappointed that the Yankees approached this deadline with no care for the rest of the regular season and only an eye on the playoffs due to their large lead. This is going to cost them home field advantage and we'll end up with another 7 game series in Houston, a place we absolutely struggle to score runs in, standing in our way of any chance at #28.

Most importantly, I'm disappointed that while these moves all raise a playoff ceiling, they're far from "all in" moves. This organization is allergic to overpaying for any player at the expense of what that player may mean to the organization or it's chances at success. The Yankees couldn't have matched the offers for Castillo and Soto, but even if they could, I'm confident that they wouldn't. And that will always be what disappoints me most of all.

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