Who was your least favorite all time Yankee pickup? (signing or trade)

As we wrap up another trade deadline and it appears Gallo is being shipped off to the Dodgers and it's hard not to think what an absolutely tremendous bust he was. Over 140 games played as a Yankee, he hit .159/.251/.368 for an 85 ops+, 11 doubles, 25 homers, 46 rbis, 77 walks, 194 strikeouts and his once gold glove defense became negative. Yuck!!!

I really can't quite wrap my brain around how poor Gallo performed. It's not about his style (I think plenty of Yankee fans would forgive a .210 batting average if 40 homers came with it) but about his abysmal play. So I started thinking is he the biggest bust the Yanks have gone through? Keep in mind with this, I'm not blaming anyone for making this move. I think it was a good move to make but one that simply didn't work out for whatever reason (also I'm not interested in trying to diagnose Joey to see why it didn't work).

So who would be the Yankees biggest pickup bust? I'm sure some fans can go way back to some years before I was born. During the 80s the Yanks traded plenty of young future studs for old has beens. Jay Buhner for Ken Phelps comes to mind but at least Ken hit the ball a little while he was in NY. Off the top of my head I have two other good candidates. Lance Berkman who seemingly forgot how to swing the bat when he came to NY and the infamous Carl Pavano has to be in this discussion. There are plenty of other candidates. Other guys besides Berkman came to NY as late season pickups and failed to do much (Pudge Rodriguez is definitely another). There have also been plenty of free agent busts (Jacoby played two full seasons but probably still deserves a mention). Who are some others that should be in the discussion? Would Kevin Brown or Randy Johnson make your list? Who was your least favorite? I'm happy to break it into two separate categories or if you just want to lump them all together that's fine too. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing your choices.

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