Systemic Mediocrity, Dishonest Communications, and Suspect Injuries: Can Things Get Any Worse?

That the Yankees were held back from submitting a viable package of dollars and players in exchange for Juan Soto, by a Washington Nationals' owner anomolously opining Anthony Volpe as "over-valued", is sheer nonsense. Why should we believe such reports when we are now just learning that Clay Holmes has been bothered by back problems over his past three or four starts? Perhaps because the Yankees think their fan base is dumb enough to believe that stubbing a big toe is sufficient cause for a key bat on the IL? Or that trading Monty for Badar was a necessary sacrifice to "stopgap" short, intermediate, and therefore potentially long-term problems in the outfield?

As if "sore toes" and "mediocrity" aren't already bad enough, the sorest mediocre "phenom" on the Yankees roster still remains and occupies the shortstop position---the position from which the fewest home runs on the team heve been hit, for reasons having to do with either Anthony Rizzo not having yet given given a chance to pitch, or an unwillingness by the Angels to accept an entire farm system for Shohei Ohtani!

Systemic mediocrity in baseball is by definition malignant. Fortunately for the Yankees, it is tumorous, not lymphatic. Rather than the patient euthanizing itself (and re-building Frankenstein from the ground up?), we should all be urging the patient to undergo an organ transplant. There's a fresh one ready to be shipped from within the system (less chance therefore to be rejected). His name is Ozwald Peraza. He is "the spark" Gerritt Cole speaks of as needed to revive the patient and sustain his immune system during the playoffs.

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