Toxic Fandom

People are sending threats and hate mail to IKF's family.

Joey Gallo didn't go out in the streets of Manhattan and felt like a piece of shit.

This is not every, or even most Yankees fans. But I don't get hating a player on the team you root for. Not one who is making effort.

There was the Curse of the Bambino, that jinxed the Red Sox for 87 years. There was the Curse of Rocky Colavito, that continues to curse Cleveland. The trade of a slugger with a Italian name or nickname has twice cursed a franchise. I hope the Yankees have not transferred the Curse of Scott Proctor to be the Curse of Joey Gallo, but it seems like it's possible.

I don't need everything to be sunshine and rainbows. Critique their play on the field. But also, accept their humanity and measure the relative unimportance of professional sports in the larger world. Leave the hate for the deserving, the criminal, the evil, the fascists, the racists, the folks who enable domestic violence and the folks who commit it. Don't hate decent people who are struggling publicly. You're only exacerbating the problem, and keeping your team from having nice things.

PS- if you feel attacked in this post, maybe you need to rethink some things.

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