Bullpen Problems

The Yankee pen now consists of 8 one-inning specialists. Only Lucas Luetge can go a bit longer. This causes overuse, because a short outing by any starter forces 3-4-5 guys into use. Today, we were left with Albert Abreu, who has given up runs in his last four outings, to protect a lead in the 7th. It didn't last long.

We might have had Marinaccio, but he is down in the minors because he had options left. Never mind that he was one of the best relievers on the team. But Abreu and the great Lucas Leutge would have been exposed to waiver claims.

We desperately need at least one long reliever. Clarke Schmidt's last two outings were a pair of 3-inning shutout saves, which helped everyone else in the bullpen. But he now has to be "stretched out," since he is now our only spare starter if someone get hurt -- because Cashman traded virtually all of our organizational pitching depth at the deadline.

So far, none of Cashman's trade deadline additions have made a significant impact on the team. Benintendi is now hitting a little, but not so much in critical situations. He struck out on three pitches pinch-hitting today.

Here's some suggestions:

1. Bring back Marinaccio and Schmidt. Lose Abreu and Leutge (or maybe option Loaisiga).

2. Bring up Peraza and let him play shortstop for awhile. DFA Gonzalez and let IKF be the spare infielder.

3. Bring up Florial and give him one real shot at being our center-fielder. Option Locastro.

The team needs a wake-up call, and they should get one.


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