Why the Yankees will NOT make the World Series

I'm sure we who are Yankee faithfuls, do not want to hear they will NOT make the WS, and may very well be surpased by the Blue Jays who are in my opinion the better team. Why do I feel this way? Well, did you see the tragedy of baserunning errors during the extra inning game against Seattle? Did you notice what Castillo has done to the Yankee hitters? Oh yeah...why in the hell didn't Cashman (who along with Boone has outstayed his welcome in NY), give up the Farm to get Castillo?? The bottom line is, the Yankees just cannot hit!! Oh they have breakout games once in awhile and Judge (who is playing this year for his upcoming contract), has been hitting HR's. However, it is astounding that Cashman has kept guys like Hicks, Torres (yes indeed), Donaldson, and....pretty much the entire team! Bottom line: NO SERIES in 2022 and quite possibly they lose the American League East title!!! TBC

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