judge…more than homers

We all know about Judge and the long ball because that’s all anyone wants to talk about.

The year he has 10 steals…that amazes me. He is a smart base runner and a good contact hitter, not just the long ball.

He has shown grace and command in a very demanding CF taking great routes to the ball and a rifle for an arm. He has shown on more than one occassion the ability to rob homers. He also is clutch in the definition of the word.

He is about as complete a player as a franchise could want which made me laugh at all the fools that wanted Soto knowing it would mean Judge goes.

Judge IS/has been Soto to Yanks..and yes, while Soto is just 23 until he has a season like Judge had when he was 24, talk to me then.

I don’t think any player is worth the money some are making but i hope the Yankees sign Judge to a 10 year deal at 25 per and make him captain. If that’s not good. enough, he can walk.

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