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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 8/1/22

Joey Gallo still has some suitors; Why the Yankees didn’t land Luis Castillo; Nestor Cortes’s arm dictating Yankees push for starters; Anthony Volpe breaks down his development.

Cincinnati Reds v New York Yankees Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

MLB Trade Rumors | Mark Polishuk: Joey Gallo’s time in New York has been a major disappointment for everyone involved. Coming to the team with lofty expectations, the lefty slugger failed to perform at the dish and, with last week’s addition of Andrew Benintendi, it appears as though the writings on the wall for Gallo’s time in pinstripes. Despite his poor performance over the last year, however, he is still drawing a not-insignificant amount of interest from a number of teams, including the Brewers, Padres, and Rays. This story was later updated to say that the Rays balked at the Yankees’ asking price for Gallo, but I imagine his days in New York are numbered. Given his career power numbers, I can see why these fringe contenders would want to take a shot on him, so it’s only a matter of days before we see him in another jersey.

NESN | Adam London: To the disappointment of many fans, myself included, Luis Castillo landed with the Mariners. The prospect haul that Cincinnati got in return was quite hefty, but for an arm like Castillo, you have to think it was worth it. We know that the two sides were engaged in talks at one point, but clearly they could not come together on a deal. Now, we have a bit of clarity on what happened. According to Joel Sherman, the Yankees refused to include Anthony Volpe’s name in any trade discussions with the Reds, and Cincinnati viewed any package built around Oswald Peraza as subpar in comparison.

New York Post | Dan Martin: Nestor Cortes has been one of the very best stories in Major League Baseball over the last calendar year. Rising the ranks from journeyman to All-Star, Cortes has established himself as a legitimately good pitcher for one of the best teams in the game. The problem? He’s already blown past (106.2) his previous high in innings pitched (93) and it’s just now the first of August. With two months still left in the regular season plus the grueling postseason, the team needs to do everything it can to keep Cortes’ arm healthy. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Cortes’ workload is one of the reasons we’ve seen the Yankees tied to so many of the starting pitchers on the trade market.

Baseball America | Josh Norris (Subscription required): Though it hasn’t officially been confirmed, it’s probably safe to assume that Anthony Volpe is as untouchable a prospect as any across the game. Ranked as one of the top prospects across the entire league, Volpe’s career arc so far has been a tried and true testament to the benefits of unmatched work ethic. After a shortened debut season and a second season wiped out due to COVID, the young shortstop spent hours in the lab tinkering with his game and making sure he was doing everything he could to set himself up for success. In this profile, Volpe walks Baseball America’s Josh Norris through his professional development to this point, and demonstrates why this organization is so high on this youngster.