How to get Carpenter more playing time the Casey Stengel way.

I have been an advocate of getting Carpenter some more playing time especially against some tough right handed pitchers since he came on the scene and made such an impact. Boone was trying to rotate three players, DJ, JD and Torres for 2nd and 3rd and that was tough enough without adding Carpenter but it should be done for the 2nd half of the season in order to put out a more consistent offense in preparation for a playoff run based on Carpenter’s new swing as the real deal.

Let say in a week, the Yanks face a minimum of five right-handed starting pitchers and Carpenter gets to play these five games with Stanton in the field for three games so Carpenter can get some DH time. JD, Torres and DJ get to platoon with each getting a minimum of five games as DJ gets to play 1st against some lefties giving Rizzo a break.

I grew up with Joe McCarthy as manager playing the same eight guys everyday and when Casey Stengel took over and started to platoon players, it was a revelation to me and have been hooked on it ever since; to all you old timers, remember Woodling and Bauer platooning and playing together!

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