Stanton's Achilles Tendonitis

I've posted this elsewhere, but I think it requires a FanPost for whoever is interested:

Stanton's injury could be more troubling than the Yankees are letting on.

Let me start by saying I'm considerably older than Stanton and not nearly as athletic. I used to be in peak condition, could run five miles without breaking a sweat or breathing heavy, but those days are long gone, and for sure I don't have access to the same first rate treatment Stanton is receiving.

That said, coincidentally I am currently dealing with the exact same ailment that's been attributed to Giancarlo Stanton; Achilles tendonitis. I've had it for a few months and have tried to treat it with kid gloves as prescribed, like ice packs and not putting stress on the Achilles (walking or running) unless it's absolutely necessary. Also keeping your feet elevated on a pillow when possible, and Ibuprofen.

So it's not like I'm ignoring it or doing anything to exacerbate the tendonitis. To the contrary, I've been fairly diligent with my treatment and to date I have pretty much seen ZERO improvement. It still hurts when I walk down the steps in my home, sometimes to the point where I fear my Achilles might tear, a real danger when you have Achilles tendonitis, so I try to walk as softly as possible.

In closing, I think the initial 'two weeks' prognosis is wildly optimistic and somewhat misleading. Personally I don't expect to see Stanton in the OF again this Summer, especially with a substantially increased risk of tearing his Achilles with too much strain on the tendon.

I know we love to rotate the DH and this may cost someone like Carpenter AB's, but my gut, based on my own current experience, tells me Stanton will likely be the exclusive DH upon his return.

Needless to say, I hope I am wrong.

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