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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Ep. 163: Drafting First-Half Highlights

Kunj and I look back at our favorite parts of the Yankees’ phenomenal 64-28 first half.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

The All-Star break is officially behind us, as is the first half of the 2022 MLB season. Technically, we passed the 81-game threshold in early July, but for all accounting purposes, the second half will begin with the Yankees’ doubleheader in Houston on Thursday. (Note that this episode was recorded on Wednesday afternoon.)

Before we fall too far in the weeds in looking ahead to the future and more extensive trade deadline talk, we want to look back at a truly incredible first half for the Yankees. Despite preseason picks erring toward the Blue Jays and Rays, the Yankees stormed out to a 64-28 first half, which is the all the more impressive when you consider that they were exactly .500 through the first 10 games. They had separate winning streaks of 11 and 9 games each, and they went 22-6 in June, their best month of play in 58 years.

So why not celebrate this first half with a draft? After the ad break (18:13), we each selected our five favorite things about the remarkable start and then bantered about a few other topics as well (All-Star week, Home Run Derby, Matt Carpenter in God Mode, etc.). As always: go Yankees, go baseball.

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