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Yankees 2022 draft pick results tracker and social media guide

Keep track of the Yankees’ entire 2022 draft class here.

2022 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

After months of speculation on possible picks, the 2022 Major League Baseball Draft arrived in force last night with some familiar names, like Jackson Holliday and Druw Jones among the top two picks, and surprises, like the Mets’ lost 2021 pick Kumar Rocker suddenly emerging at No. 3 overall for Texas. Meanwhile, the Yankees went with big-bodied outfielder Spencer Jones at No. 25 and steady right-hander Drew Thorpe at No. 61 during the first two rounds, respectively. All 20 of their picks ended up being used on college or junior college players.

To help conveniently track all of the Yankees’ draft picks — from the selection process to any known eventual signing news — I’ve assembled this tracker that will be regularly updated throughout July. The players’ names are linked to the Pinstripe Alley stories about their draft selections. If available, I’ve also included their Twitter handles if you have any interest in following them.

Draft pick signing news can be a slow process and team assignments might be even fuzzier, but we’ll do our best to keep you posted. Players have until 11:59 PM ET on August 1st to sign unless they’re college seniors who have already used up their years of eligibility. As always, give us a shout in the comments section of this post if you see any news that needs to be added.

2022 Draft Tracker

Round Pos. Player School DOB Twitter Slot Value Status/Bonus
Round Pos. Player School DOB Twitter Slot Value Status/Bonus
1 (25) OF Spencer Jones Vanderbilt 5/14/01 @spencerjnes $2,880,800 $2,880,800
2 (61) RHP Drew Thorpe Cal Poly 10/1/00 @drewthorpe2 $1,187,600 $1,187,600
3 (100) RHP Trystan Vrieling Gonzaga 10/2/00 @VrielingTrystan $611,400 $611,400
4 (130) OF Anthony Hall Oregon 2/9/01 @Anthony_Hall_ $456,500 $456,500
5 (160) RHP Eric Reyzelman LSU 6/27/01 @ReyzEric $340,700 $340,700
6 (190) RHP Chase Hampton Texas Tech 8/7/01 @ChaseHampton7 $263,800 $497,500
7 (220) RHP Cam Schlittler Northeastern U. 2/5/01 @camschlittler14 $207,300 Signed
8 (250) SS Brett Barrera Stanford 5/7/01 @BrettBarrera2 $172,200 $135,000
9 (280) RHP Matt Keating USC 12/8/00 @matt_keating32 $157,900 $122,500
10 (310) LHP Will Brian Eastern Kentucky U. 4/25/99 @_willieb19 $149,700 $57,500
11 (340) RHP Ryan Harvey UC Santa Barbara 2/8/01 @ryanharv25 N/A $210,000
12 (370) RHP Jackson Fristoe Mississippi State 3/6/01 @jacksonfristoe6 N/A $272,500
13 (400) LHP Geoffrey Gilbert Clemson 5/3/01 @gegilbert19 N/A $125,000
14 (430) RHP Kris Bow Southern Nevada (JC) 11/27/00 @kjbow2000 N/A $125,000
15 (460) OF Tayler Aguilar Grand Canyon U. 8/15/00 @taybam34 N/A $125,000
16 (490) RHP Shane Gray U. of Evansville 4/18/00 @sgray1311 N/A $125,000
17 (520) RHP Hayden Merda Azusa Pacific U. 3/21/00 @haydenmerda55 N/A $125,000
18 (550) RHP Sebastian Keane Northeastern U. 11/2/00 @keanesebastian N/A $125,000
19 (580) 3B Beau Brewer Paris JC 10/28/01 @BoboBrewer N/A $125,000
20 (610) RHP Trevor Kirk Elon 10/4/00 N/A N/A $125,000

Note 1: Teams are allotted $125,000 per pick for each selection from Rounds 11-20. This doesn’t count toward their total bonus pool, though they are permitted to use any leftover bonus funds to increase their offers beyond $125,000 to these players. Unlike in previous years, there is no $20,000 maximum amount for non-drafted free agents (NDFAs), though bonus money must be used if the signing cost goes over $125,000.

Note 2: Per’s Jim Callis, there were slight adjustments made to each slot in the days preceding the draft, so the specific slot values may have been tweaked since this post went live with the original figures. If there are discrepancies between sources, we will defer to MLB’s reporting.

Post-draft updates

7/20: Yankees executive Damon Oppenheimer told Bryan Hoch that he doesn’t foresee any issues signing top draft pick Spencer Jones.

7/22: Fourth-rounder Anthony Hall and ninth-rounder Matt Keating have signed per their respective Instagram accounts. (Hall) (Keating)

7/23: Per, fifth-rounder Eric Reyzelman will sign. So will 15th-rounder Tayler Aguilar, 17th-rounder Hayden Merda, and 18th-rounder Sebastian Keane, per their Instagram accounts. (Aguilar) (Merda) (Keane)

7/24: Reyzelman’s signing details, per Carlos Collazo of Baseball America. (Callis later had a correction from under-slot to full slot.)

7/25 (1): Baseball America’s tracker has revealed that Anthony Hall (Round 4), Will Brian (Round 10), Kris Bow (Round 14), Shane Gray (Round 16), Sebastian Keane (Round 18), and Beau Brewer (Round 19) have all signed with bonuses corresponding to their spots in the spreadsheet above . The post-Round 10 picks all signed for the standard $125K, and the Yankees got Brian for roughly $92K under slot. Combined, they have about $94K in surplus beyond the $5.4M slot value to work with on their remaining picks. (Callis has a slightly different figure on Hall than BA, so that is what’s in the tracker.)

7/25 (2): 13th-rounder Geoffrey Gilbert has signed, per his Twitter account.

7/25 (3): Top pick Spencer Jones is now officially a Yankee! Callis has the terms on him and second-rounder Drew Thorpe, who signed at slot as well. He also reported that 11th-rounder Ryan Harvey signed for $85K more than the standard $125K bonus for post-10th-rounders.

7/23 (4): The Yankees officially announced that all of their first five picks have signed. The main news here is on the third-rounder Trystan Vrieling, who now joins our own tracker. Shortly thereafter, Callis reported that Vrieling signed at slot.

7/26: Chase Hampton (Round 6) and Jackson Fristoe (Round 12) signed for over-slot deals, per Callis. (Hampton) (Fristoe)

7/28: The Yankees have officially signed all 20 members of their draft class! Baseball America reported the signing bonuses of Brett Barrera (Round 8), Matt Keating (Round 9), Geoffrey Gilbert (Round 13), Tayler Aguilar (Round 15), Hayden Merda (Round 17), and Trevor Kirk (Round 20). Seventh-rounder Cam Schlitter’s bonus is the only one not yet known, but he tweeted a picture of him signing his contract. Now we can officially welcome all 20 Baby Bombers to the organization!