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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 7/18/22

Welcome to the All-Star break/Draft Day 2/Home Run Derby Day!

2011 State Farm Home Run Derby
Home Run Derby memories of yore
Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Sunday was busy for the Yankees, who pummeled the Red Sox, 13-2, to close out the first half with an outstanding 64-28 record. Then at night, they got to welcome two new draft picks to the organization: Vanderbilt’s Spencer Jones and Cal Poly’s Drew Thorpe. They are the first of many!

Today is not exactly a subtle day at the site, as it’s essentially all draft, baby! Matt will recap what the Yankees’ rivals were up to on their finals days of the first half, and from there, we’ll go into draft mode. PSA’s draft tracker will go live around noon, and as discussed yesterday, Madison, Dan, and others will will help me on the coverage. The third round begins on at 2pm, and we’ll have posts on each of the picks through Round 10. (The remaining rounds will take place tomorrow.)

Stick around tonight to watch the Home Run Derby with us in an open thread!

Today’s Matchup:

Pete Alonso vs. Albert Pujols vs. Juan Soto vs. Corey Seager vs. Julio Rodríguez vs. Kyle Schwarber vs. José Ramírez vs. Ronald Acuña Jr. (aka Home Run Derby)

Time: 8:00 p.m. ET

TV: Fox

Venue: Dodger Stadium

Fun Questions:

1. Who will win the Home Run Derby tonight?

2. What do you think was the biggest surprise from Day 1 of the MLB Draft?