A Case for Releasing Falefa, and Bringing Up Peraza, Right Now

I think the Yanks may be missing the boat with Marwin Gonzalez. Over his last 15 games he has slashed .259/.310/.556 for an OPS of .866. Over his last 7 games he's slashed .333/.333/.778 for an OPS of 1.111. Marwin's OPS+ for the entire year now stands at 101. As much as I like Falefa, he is never going to perform even at replacement level let alone have a streak of hitting like Gonzales is currently having. By the same token, Peraza's glove is as good as Falefa's, yet Chavez writes 1) "there are loads of other variables to consider" 2) "he has a lot of work to do" and that 3) "his jump to the majors may not be as smooth as we think"? All this simply because "he’ll also have to take a walk occasionally once his ability to strike the ball hard is established". That's not a lot of supporting evidence. Now I know the Yankees, and MLB philosophies in general, are loath to bring along prospects too fast for fear 'it will ruin them'. But that hasn't been the problem with the Yankees. On the contrary, their problem has been bringing up prospects, seeing them deliver enough to keep them or trade them at peak value, but then failing to do so (e.g Andujar and Frazier, to name two. There are exigent circumstances at shortstop that maybe don't "compel" the Yankees to bring up Peraza now, but that should obviate worries that it would be "too soon". Not that "too soon" is a specious argument in all situations. For instance, I would not be recommending the same course of action at the catching position. The Yankees need one or two better bats, not two or three. Trevino’s overall play at catcher, is better than Falefa’s at shortstop. The "other" of the two upgrades most crucial for Yankees post-season is in the outfield, not the infield. Eliminate the log jam at SS in the minors now, and Volpe, replacing Peraza at Scranton, could have a better trade value right at the trade deadline than he does now, which means a better outfielder or SP in return. -->

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