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Pinstripe Alley Podcast Ep. 159: A Casual 17-3 Run

The Yankees have been utterly dominant in June and are showing no mercy — just the way we like it!

New York Yankees v Tampa Bay Rays Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

After skipping a week due to my bout with COVID, the PSA Podcast is back to marvel once more at the ridiculous exploits of the 2022 Yankees.

New York snuck a nine-game winning streak in between the most recent recordings, are 17-3 in June, and after taking a pair of road series against division rivals in Toronto and Tampa Bay, the 51-18 Yanks sit neck-and-neck with the legendary 1998 squad at the best starts in modern franchise history. The Blue Jays and Red Sox would both hold Wild Card spots if the season ended today, but the Yankees are still 12 games ahead of both of them in the AL East.

It’s a ridiculous ballclub, and there’s so much to talk about. There’s Gerrit Cole flirting with a no-hitter for the second time this month. There’s Aaron Judge reaching 27 homers in just 67 games. There’s Jose Trevino somehow maintaining a legitimate case to go to the All-Star Game at Dodger Stadium. This team just has remarkable tenacity, and the most recent series at Tropicana Field really displayed it.

We love these guys and hope it stays like this all year long. All these topics are discussed, as well as the upcoming series against Houston, Albert Abreu’s return, Nestor’s mustache, Ryan Weber’s cameo, the B-Ref Leaderboard check-in, the Yankee & Manfred of the Week, and — quite randomly — Delaware vs. Maryland and the apparent misery of A’s infielder Nick Allen.

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