1961 Would Have to be My Favorite Team

From 1975 to 2003 I was in the US Merchant Marine. During that time they had the 1976-78 teams and the 1996-2001 teams. really great teams. However, with the extensive travel I did I really couldn't follow any season all the way thru. I do recall the 1958 to 1964 Mantle teams, very well, especially the exciting home run chase of 1961. I'd have to pick the 1961 team as my favorite. They had six players that hit between 21 to 61 home runs. Six pitchers with double digit wins. Hard to forget Mantle and Maris chasing the ghost of Ruth, and Ford winning 25 games. The team won 109 games in a 154 game season and beat the Reds in 5 games in the world series.

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