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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 6/13/22

Once again, an off-day is the only thing that can stop the Yankees.

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

The Yankees are off today. They’ve won four in a row, and they sit at 44-16. They are on an almost impossible run, having won 39 of their last 50 games. Days off like these are crucial, of course, in terms of keeping players fresh and healthy, but they almost feel like roadblocks to the Yankees at this point. Every day they don’t play is a day where they can’t record another big win.

Nonetheless, to keep you busy in the site today, we’ll have Matt look over Sunday’s action in the AL. Also, John does a five-year retrospective on the Yankees’ 2017 draft haul, Sam analyzes a few Yankees’ walk and swing rates, and Ryan puts out the call for this week’s mailbag.

Today’s Matchup:


Fun Questions:

1. How long will the Yankees’ streak of series wins continue? (what with upcoming series with the Rays, Jays, and Astros.)

2. How often should Matt Carpenter be in the lineup at this point?