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Ask Pinstripe Alley: Yankees mailbag questions request

Give us your thoughts on the Yankees after a wild week of scheduling shook things up.

Ask Pinstripe Alley

The Yankees have had an interesting week, ending their run of 11 straight wins before running into the full might of Mother Nature. Two straight days of rainouts have been followed by some rusty offense, showing shades of the 2021 team’s tendency to go on massive hot and cold streaks. Hopefully they disprove this comparison by shaking things off, and quickly, but regardless the team is still sitting in a great spot atop the American League.

There’s not much separation from the pack, however, which begs the question of what these Yankees have to do to keep this momentum going and grow the lead that they’ve produced in the first month of games. Will the offense find its rhythm after stuttering a bit? Can the pitching staff maintain the insane level of dominance they’ve displayed? Will the Blue Jays or the Rays prove to be their closest competition in the AL East? If you’ve got questions like these, or any other concerns, be sure to send them in for a chance to be featured in our Yankees mailbag.

Answers will run on Friday morning. All questions received by the night of May 12th will be considered. You can leave your submissions in the comment section below or by e-mail to pinstripealleyblog [at] gmail [dot] com.