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Yankees rained out for second day in a row

With a make-up scheduled for Monday, the Yankees will now play 23 games in 22 days through Memorial Day. Yikes!

Washington Nationals v New York Yankees Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

In yesterday’s post about the Yankees’ rainout against the Rangers, we made sure to note that the forecast for rain wasn’t looking much better for Saturday and the threat of another postponement loomed large. Sure enough, the weather around Yankee Stadium has remained miserable, and the Yankees did not wait around long to announce that this Saturday matinee would be washed away.

The good news is that the Yankees and Rangers had a common off-day on Monday, so — weather-permitting, of course — they don’t need to worry about having to do some weird travel to make up Saturday’s game later in the season. They’ll play the doubleheader tomorrow and then play again on Monday at 1:05 pm ET.

The bad news is that after three consecutive days of no baseball, this now makes what was once an already-arduous stretch even worse. The Yankees had been schedule to play 20 days in a row after the planned Monday off-day, and now, they’ll play 23 games in 22 days. Behold this behemoth:

  • May 8-9: Three home games in two days vs. Rangers
  • May 10-11: Two home games vs. Blue Jays
  • May 12-15: Four games in Chicago vs. White Sox
  • May 16-19: Four games in Baltimore vs. Orioles
  • May 20-22: Three home games vs. White Sox
  • May 23-25: Three home games vs. Orioles
  • May 26-29: Four games in Tampa vs. Rays

That last one is destined to be an annoying with the combination of an exhausted team and Tropicana Field. Yippie!

Don’t be surprised if the Yankees use a sixth starter to some point and rotate regulars in the lineup even more often. The goal is to not only survive this busy month, but also the entire season. I know that it’s frustrating to see the occasional lineup that doesn’t have an Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, or DJ LeMahieu, but if there’s even a chance that the rest might help, the Yankees should take it. If the Dodgers can make rotating lineups work for nearly a decade, then so can the Yankees.

Anyway, enjoy your free afternoons! We’ll be posting our normal schedule today, so stay tuned for those articles, and if you’re looking for some Yankees/Rangers action, check out the article that I wrote last night about an underrated playoff classic: Game 2 of the 1996 ALDS.