The DJ vs Gleyber Elephant In The Room

I think it's time to address the elephant in the room. The Yankees need to make a choice between DJ Lemahieu and Gleyber Torres as to who is the starting 2B for the Yankees. IMO the Yankees have used the trying to protect guys from injury excuse for the 1st quarter of this season to avoid answering the question. Well guess what Donaldson, Stanton, Hicks, they've all gotten hurt. I just believe it's time to play your best players every day. No excuses about age or contract.

So, IMO the Yankees move 8 guys around a week to get DJ in the lineup because he makes 15 mill but is NOT the player he was 2yrs ago. Heck the 2020 season was shortened by COVID so we don't know how he would have finished over 150 games. My point, since Cashman LOVES Gleyber, and didn't move him this offseason, Torres is rewarding him with better play both ways than the last two years. It's time to play Gleyber everyday. DJ to be a back up. Maybe you keep Andujar and platoon him with Gallo & Hicks, cut a pitcher and pick either Carpenter or Marwin as your 2nd utility player and have a four man bench!

Move IKF up to leadoff, and play DJ 3-4x a week for Rizzo, JD, Gleyber, and maybe DH him, but no more DJ has to play 7 games a week and Torres is sitting two games. DJ has regressed, and Cashman didn't move Gleyber and the dude is stepping up and rewarding the GM for his faith.

What are your thoughts?

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