Time to remove Gallo and Hicks

We are all happy with the Yanks winning games early in the season. First time in years we

have gotten off to a good start instead of struggling and trying to claw back into first. But

if we are to maintain that lead, changes are required.

1) Dfa or send to the IL both Hicks and Gallo. Given that half the games will

have Higgy batting, the bottom of the order can not be dragged down day after day by

these two.

2) Move Rizzo down in the lineup. He was great for a few weeks, but has lost his

stroke and I am not sure he will recapture it.

3) Activate Locastro and let him steal bases or at least be part of hit and run instances.

While waiting for Stanton to return, we need to advance runners more often.

4) Andujar, Judge and Locastro will be in the outfield, but bring up Florial as the 4th

man and play him whenever possible. Need to find out if he is a AAAA or MLB player, and

the only way is to give him consistent at bats by allowing him to either DH or spell one of the

other 3 guys.

I am leaving comments about Carpenter till he has had a few more games to show if

he has found his old swing or is just an old man that Cashman has scooped up because

he was cheap.

Just feel that without immediate intervention, the lead and the great starting pitching will

be wasted.

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