Time Could Be Ripe For Cashman to Check In On Bryan Reynolds

At Bucs Dugout SB Nation, concern has been expressed over a tepid 2022 Bryan Reynolds showing so far this year. However, a confluence of factors could make this the right time for Cashman to pick up the phone and make an offer for him.

1) As the saying regarding a player's value goes, buy low, sell high.

2) "Reynolds also places average in Hard-Hit Percentage (41st), Chase Rate (44th), and Max Exit Velocity (45th). The most eye-popping ranking is in Average Exit Velocity, where Reynolds is way below average in the 22nd percentile." ---Austin Bechtold (Bucs Dugout) The Yankees do better with homegrown pitchers than they do hitters, but they have demonstrated an ability to bring in hitters from other teams and get them moving in the right direction---Luke Voit, Gio Urshela, and even (to some extent) D.J. Lemahieu----to name three.

3) "With three seasons of club control following this season, Reynolds might be in the midst of playing for his next contract right now with the Bucs showing signs of starving for a long-term deal. The Pirates need Reynolds to shape back into his All-Star form, especially with the likes of Oneil Cruz, Henry Davis, and others not that far away." Ibid Since when have the Pirates showed signs of "starving for a long-term deal"? Gerrit Cole? Barry Bonds? On the contrary, it sounds like they have good options in the pipeline that make Reynolds less of a necessary long-term fixture.

4) The Pirates and Yankees are familiar trade partners. Bottom Line? Brian Cashman....pick up the phone!

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