The Real Season starts in October

First and foremost I bleed pinstripes but I am a realist as well.

Our beloved Bombers caught a break with the schedule. We have started off with the underbelly of our schedule and we are doing what we have to do, running roughshod on it. It is how our Yankees have operated for years. Take advantage of the weaker teams and play reasonably well against the very good teams. We did this in 2019 when we last won the East. This quick start enables us to get through injuries (you know they are coming because they do for all MLB teams at some point in the season) and a rough patch without putting us in a position where we are playing catch up like we have the last couple of years.

I still have reservations with our starting pitching. Even with Cole slow start, I was not one of the brain surgeons calling for his trade or wondering why Cash signed him. This guy is a horse and I knew he would figure it out. Severino has looked good and Nasty Nestor has picked it right up from last season. Tallion and Montgomery also have performed well but it is still early in the year and again, we are playing the weaklings right now.

All I am saying is it is early, we have done what we are supposed to do but I need to see this against the good teams. At first glance it looks like the AL is having a down year. Who is our competition, Houston, Rays? This is setting up for a run in October however we are only in May.....Long way to go but an excellent start. Let's Go Yankees!

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