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Yankees fans offer takes on 2022 wins, April MVP, and umpires

With this hot start afoot, how do Yankees fans think the team will fare in 2022?

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You really can’t say enough about the kind of work that the Yankees have done since the last time they played in Baltimore. Coming off the heels of a season in which they were frankly lucky to secure a Wild Card spot in the frantic finish (and were promptly eliminated with ease), the offense looked as punchless as it did in 2021 during a 5-5 start that culminated in an embarrassing Easter weekend series loss in Baltimore.

At that point, the Yankees seemingly decided that losing series showdowns is for suckers, and they’ve rolled off a remarkable eight consecutive series victories since then, good for a 21-4 record that has boosted them to an MLB-best 26-9 mark. So last week, SB Nation surveyed fans to get their thought on just how the Yankees would fare for the rest of 2022. Were they bound for a crash or to soar even higher?

The reviews are in and the hopes are high!

Kyle Thele

A combined 89 percent of fans surveyed think that the Yankees will easily top last season’s win total with at least 95 victories. The 47-percent plurality even thinks that the Yankees will reach the century threshold for the third time in their last four normal seasons (ignoring the COVID-shortened 2020). Optimism! We like it!

Fans were asked about the Yankees’ MVP from their 15-6 April, too, and while it was a tight race at the top, the winner shouldn’t surprise anyone who followed the team.

Kyle Thele

Yes, Anthony Rizzo smashed nine homers and yes, Aaron Judge caught fire in the last two weeks in particular, but no one dominated like Nestor Cortes. Gerrit Cole was inconsistent in his few starts, and Cortes stepped us as the team’s unlikely ace, baffling opposing hitters with the late action on pitches and multiple arm angles to the tune of a 1.31 ERA and 1.48 FIP in four starts. Kudos to Nestor, who has kept the good vibes going through May.

Some fans also weighed in on MLB umpires, as there were a few controversies (mostly unrelated to the Yankees, aside from Judge’s strike zone) in particular that arose at the beginning of May. In fact, a sizeable portion would like to move to robot umpires.

Kyle Thele
Kyle Thele

It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of umpiring as a whole, but, well, suffice to say, umpires are used to it.

As an added bonus, please enjoy this word chart describing umpires:

Kyle Thele

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