No More Yankees Bore and Snore: Solution

I have the NY Yankees solution to winning baseball -.Are you ready?

Immediately fire Aaron Boone as the Manager.

Swallow the contract.

Nothing against Aaron Boone.

This team needs a fiery Manager in order to succeed.

My suggestion hire Jorge Posada immediately!

You might say, "But he has no managerial experience".

How much experience did A. Boone have?

That's right a Sports announcer and commentator.

Posada played with fire and participated in 4 World Championships.

He was the 'On the field Manager' behind the plate

He even called out Mr Derek Jeter, right?

Hire the fire and the sleep-walking Yankees will respond!

Otherwise? Fire Cashman.

I like Brian Cashman but he fails to see the PROBLEM.

Trade Aroldis Chapman too!

When did you pay a man who hits the Radar Gun

at 100 - 102+ MPH to nibble at the seams with (Okay)

good junk?

Get some value in return and make Loasiga your 'Closer'.

Otherwise? More of the same.

NY Yankees bore ball with no fire

sleepwalking through the underperforming 2022

baseball season.

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