Yankees Offense.......

The Yankees have had more men on base (180) than the Toronto Blue Jays. Since April 12 Aaron Hicks is batting 333 /.455 /.667 with a  1.121OPS in eleven plate appearances and five other Yankees have at least ten total bases on the year.  Joey Gallo has no runs batted in, Aaron Judge has one and Donaldson one also. Gleyber has scored one run all year, so has Hicks and Joey Gallo hasn't even crossed home plate yet. The Bombers are now twelfth in the American League with twenty five runs scored, because they can't hit with men on base let alone scoring position. Seven different Yankee hitters have grounded into nine total double play so far in 2022, five of those double plays came in the last four games with the offense averaging just three runs per game.

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