Judge Contract Status

Although this is no great shakes but I agree with both sides.

Although I personally think Cashmen has gotten too many kicks at the can, I cannot blame him for the contract offer made to Judge. I thought it was fair. You have Stanton and Cole who will be earning over $30 million when they are 35, 36 and 37, what are you going to have three guys making $100 million in those advanced years??

On the Judge side of things, I don't blame him for rejecting the offer. He gets one kick at the can for a big time contract so why should he give the Yankees a discount.

Now both sides incur risk. Say Judge goes for 40/115/.285 and leads the Yankees to a deep playoff run (doubtful with this starting pitcher rotation), I really think someone will offer him an 8-9 year deal over $30 million per. If he has his third injury riddled season out of his first 6 then he may resign with the Yankees for a one year prove it deal.

The Yankees are in a tough spot because if the latter happens, there is no chance this team makes the playoffs and if he has a monster year, they lose him. Now say he is having a monster year, do you think about trading him at the deadline provided it is a haul in return???

Should be an interesting season. LGY!

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