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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/9/22

Your Wednesday program.

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

We’ve reached the middle of the week, near the middle of a March without baseball. We did get an interesting bit of news yesterday, as Apple agreed to a deal that gives them exclusive rights to broadcast two Friday MLB games starting in 2022. This fits MLB’s apparent strategy, which includes putting games in more places, following previous forays into broadcasting via YouTube and Facebook. Of course, putting games on a paid streaming service such as Apple TV+ doesn’t seem like it would do much bring the sport to more viewers.

On the site, we’ve reached the top three in our Top Prospects series, with Oswald Peraza clocking in at number three. Also, with games scheduled to be played in April now in severe peril, Erin checks out how losing a month of games could impact strength of schedule. Meanwhile, Esteban analyzes the swing of 2021 first-rounder Trey Sweeney, and Jon looks at the best run-scoring teams in Yankees history.

Fun Questions:

1. Will the Yankees make a major trade whenever the lockout lifts?

2. Would a shortened season help or hurt the Yankees in particular in some way?