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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 3/3/22

The gap between the players and league; Scherzer calls out Yankees; what does a short spring training look like?

Syndication: USA TODAY Greg Lovett / USA TODAY NETWORK

FanGraphs | Ben Clemens: Opening Day is cancelled, and the league and union seem prepared to take their time on the next round of negotiations, but before we get there, what needs to be addressed? Just about the only thing both sides have agreed on is a universal DH, with even discussions around expanded playoffs still not complete. Meanwhile, the financial issues at the heart of this dispute — minimum salaries and CBT thresholds — are as divisive as they’ve been all winter.

Sports Illustrated | Gary Phillips: Max Scherzer, one of the leaders of the MLBPA, led a union panel after negotiations broke down yesterday — one that, funnily enough, didn’t receive the same coverage as Rob Manfred’s presser. One of the highlights was Scherzer calling out MLB clubs for using the CBT limits as a de facto salary cap without a corresponding floor, naming the New York Yankees as one of the chief offenders. | Pete Caldera: For the second time in three years, fans and players are left wondering what the heck spring training will look like this season. Once a new CBA is agreed and ratified, players will need some time to get themselves into game shape, the 300 or so free agents will need to be signed, and players coming off injury will need to be assessed. Spring training, which is often a formality for veteran players, then takes on a more important role than usual even while we don’t know what the exact format of camp will be.