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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/2/22

Your rundown on a Wednesday morning.

Tony Clark, executive director of Major League Baseball Photo by Alejandra Villa Loarca/Newsday RM via Getty Images

Well, at least we have an answer to what’s going to happen in baseball’s near-future. The players’ union unanimously rejected MLB’s “best, and final” offer leading up to the MLB-induced deadline for an agreement without losing regular season games. Rob Manfred then predictably walked up to the podium and announced that the first week of games had been canceled and would not be made up — signaling a new phase in this long, drawn out process of a lockout. Many opinions have already been shared on this controversial path MLB has taken, and more will come out throughout the day.

Some will come from our own writers. Jesse leads off the day with a piece slamming the commissioner and baseball at large for the latest in a long line of embarrassing blunders of late, and Peter follows with a look at exactly why the players were right to turn down MLB’s offer. Turning to lighter news, Andrés breaks down Hayden Wesneski’s rapid rise as our PSA No. 8 prospect in the Yankees’ system and Matt dives into some ridiculous old-school headshots found in Baseball Reference’s library.

Fun Questions:

1. What are your general feelings on the state of the game at the moment?

2. How optimistic are you that there will be games played in April? In May?