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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/12/22

Spring training is here.

MLB: Spring Training- New York Yankees Arrival Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

We missed out on the traditional Pitchers and Catchers day back in February, but worry not, we are finally getting our annual dose of grainy photographs from backfields in Florida and Arizona of players stretching and long tossing. Nature is healing. The expected transaction frenzy that was supposed to follow the lockout has yet to materialize, but some major moves are bound to drop soon. Whether the Yankees will be involved in any of those major moves is another matter.

On the site today, Jon jumps in the wayback machine to remember the greatest game he ever attended, a 9-0 comeback in Fenway against the Red Sox. Esteban also analyzes the impact of a potential international draft, Andres posits Jesse Winker as an enticing trade target, and Estevão continues his All-Supernova series.

Fun Questions:

1. Who’s more likely to start at first base for the Yankees on Opening Day, Luke Voit, or one of Freddie Freeman or Matt Olson?

2. Did you expect the new CBT threshold to be greater or less than where it ended up (at $230MM)?