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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 3/1/22

Welcome to March! Maybe there will be Major League Baseball.

MLB: Contract Negotiations The Palm Beach Post-USA TODAY NETWORK

I’ll be honest about something. This “Today on PSA” post is being written well past midnight and scheduled to go up at 6am before we actually know whether there’s a new CBA or if Opening Day is being pushed back. There’s a chance that MLB and the MLBPA will have finally come to an agreement by the time this post is live, but this paragraph is going to be preserved in amber. Of the most debated issues, it seems like there’s a tentative agreement on a 12-team playoff for next year rather than the owners’ preferred 14, and that CBT penalties will remain mostly similar. The CBT thresholds and other topics were still being debated though, so hopefully, things are at least a little more clear this morning. (Update: The two sides called it after 2:30am last night and MLB has extended the negotiating deadline to 5pm today.)

Today on the site, Jon will commemorate the introduction of the universal DH in 2022 with an appreciation post on inaugural DH Ron Blomberg and Jake will present our No. 9 ranked Yankees prospect, 2020 top draft pick Austin Wells. Later on, Jesse will expand upon what DJ LeMahieu needs to do recapture his old form this year, and Peter will research how the shift has hurt Joey Gallo’s production.

Fun Questions:

1. If given only one choice between the two, is there any situation in which you would prefer a 14-team playoff over a 12-team playoff?

2. What’s your favorite book genre?