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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/8/22

Requiem for a Tuesday, with less claymation.

MLB: Archive
Yankees legend José Canseco
Photo By John Cordes/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Today’s CBA non-news involves the revelation that MLB is not testing its players for steroids right now, primarily because the joint drug agreement expired on December 1st of last year while the owners instituted a lockout. Since MLB and the MLBPA are already negotiating other issues, it’s not surprising that they didn’t announce a quick Band-Aid for this, especially since MLB and its players can’t communicate without a CBA in place anyway, so I don’t know exactly how they can expect to do testing. It’s just another tactic.

But anywho, steroids for all! Re-sign José Canseco! Who cares.

Today on the site, Dan will review some lower-level pitchers in the Yankees system who might be flying under the radar at the moment, Jesse will discuss some surprising Yankees antique finds, and Erin will remember when the Yankees raised some eyebrows by signing big lefty Andrew Miller to a four-year contract. Later on, Jon will pay tribute to the Hall of Famers who played with the Black Yankees of the Negro Leagues, and Peter will argue why the Yankees should pass on Freddie Freeman (despite the recent rumors).

Fun Questions:

1. Look, we’re just asking it for the Yankees question of the day today: Would you even care if MLB eliminated PED suspensions?

2. Have you done any offseason baseball book reading? If so, what did you read?