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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/28/22

It’s another lockout week.

Syndication: The Record Greg Lovett / USA TODAY NETWORK

If you hopped on Twitter yesterday and saw Jon Heyman’s report that MLB and the MLBPA could conceivably close the gap between them quickly, perhaps you allowed yourself a moment of optimism. Unfortunately, that report was refuted swiftly and forcefully by many, including Yankees reliever Zack Britton. MLB’s self-imposed deadline has arrived, and there’s no telling when or if the owners will relent. The two sides will meet again today.

On the site, we’ll debut our newest series, the Pinstripe Alley Top 10 prospects. We’ll also see Dan analyze the first player in our top 10, shortstop Alexander Vargas. Elsewhere, Jon will run down some of the most inglorious Yankee franchise records, while Ryan will call for questions for this week’s mailbag.

Fun Questions:

1. Will Luis Severino put up another five WAR season again at some point in his career?

2. During more normal times, what American sport has the most fun offseason to follow?