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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/26/22

Just like that, we’ve reached the final weekend of February in a hurry.

New York Yankees v Baltimore Orioles Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Who’s up for some Saturday labor negotiations? That’s what we’re getting, which I suppose at this point, I’m just thankful that we’re getting any weekend negotiations and that they’re not just putting it off until Monday entirely — which, I suppose, they might actually just be planning on doing anyway. But, uh, it’s the thought that counts, I guess. Can the owners actually budge on CBT negotiations?

Today on the site, Esteban will look at unheralded Orioles reliever Tanner Scott as a trade target and John will consider Dan Vogelbach as a low-budget option for first base. Later on, Kevin will discuss where the MLB and MLBPA stand after this week’s negotiations with the Monday deadline looming, and Estevão will kick off a new series remembering Yankees with great peaks.

Fun Questions:

1. Which of the following trio of 2022 draft prospects makes you feel most ancient? Your choices are: Druw Jones (son of Andruw), Jackson Holliday (son of Matt), and Justin Crawford (son of Carl).

2. Neither was a Yankee for very long, but who do you remember more fondly, Jones or Holliday?