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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/24/22

Here’s your Thursday rundown.

New York Mets v New York Yankees - Game Two Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

The week is nearly through, and predictably we’re not close to a new CBA just yet. The deadline that MLB set at the end of the month appears to have some weight behind it — MLB says that there will be games canceled if there isn’t a new deal by then — so the stakes have certainly been raised. The owners have attempted to pin the blame on the players at previous points during the lockout, and it seems like this is their trump card for doing so now — it’s already stirred some to say a deal has to get done for the good of the sport. No one wants to see games missed, but one side strong arming the other to do so seems like a poor tradeoff.

On the site today, Dan continues his rundown of the organization’s prospect pool with the second basemen. Josh follows that up with a look at how Hal Steinbrenner impacts the CBA discussions and the influence he has among the owners, and then John takes us back to the Aaron Hicks trade as another honorable mention for the Smartest Moves series. Jesse examines Zac Gallen as a potential trade target, and Jon wraps things up by comparing some classic players who had solid traditional statistics that didn’t translate well to modern ones.

Fun Questions:

1. Besides WAR, what do you consider the most important stat?

2. How much pressure does the threat of missed games add to the players?