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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/21/22

Kick off the week with a Monday preview.

Boston Red Sox v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Today kicks off another week, and it’s the most significant one of the offseason. With March and the original starting point for spring training breathing down their necks, MLB and the players’ union are set to start negotiating again today, and could meet throughout the week with the hopes of closing the gap between them. Will there be a new deal by the end of the day? No, but perhaps by the end of the week we could actually see a framework for what the new CBA will be. At the very least, they should come closer to agreeing on at least one of the major points of contention, or else we’re in for a long haul — and that’d be saying something considering how this has dragged on already.

Today’s a pretty simple and chill day on the site. Esteban leads off with a discussion on whether Albert Abreu will contribute significant innings to the 2022 team, Matt looks back at one of our just-missed smart moves from the last 25 years in the Scott Brosius trade, and Jake examines some of the Yankees with the biggest discrepancies in season projections.

Fun Questions:

1. Which Yankees pitcher that didn’t throw significant innings (say, more than 20-30) last year could you see thriving in the bullpen this year?

2. How long would spring training need to be at minimum to be effective?