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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 2/16/22

Hump day’s rundown.

MLB: New York Yankees at Miami Marlins Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

It’s midweek, and it’s rumored the MLBPA will respond to the owners’ latest proposal soon. It’d be for the better if the players could respond quickly, because there’s still a gulf between the two sides, one that will almost certainly take time to bridge, if for no other reason than the apparent refusal of the owners to budge in any way. The league’s most recent offer barely moved on some key issues, so we’ll have to see how the players respond.

On the site today, Esteban reviews the Yankees’ recently-released PECOTA projections, Jon analyzes whether Aaron Judge’s size makes him more likely to hit the IL, and Josh also remembers the acquisition of Gio Urshela as part of the Smartest Moves series. Later, Estevão writes about Dick Howser’s single season managing the Yankees and Peter wonders if the players holding out and seeing cancelled games would benefit the sport long-term.

Fun Questions:

1. Which Yankee has the most to prove in 2022?

2. What month do you expect Opening Day to take place in at this point?