Bryan Reynolds trade that makes sense for both sides?

I put this trade together the other day, and I'm curious how Pinstripe Alley readers might feel about it. I posted it on and it has almost unanimous approval at the time I am writing this for both clubs(11-1). I like this trade more than any other one I've posted in these pages, so I'm hoping it's something the Yankees actually try to get done.

Yankees receive(59.9):

New York Mets v Pittsburgh Pirates

Bryan Reynolds OF(59.9) - switch hitting outfielder to fill LF, but can shift into CF if needed. Three years of team control remaining before free agency.

Pittsburgh receives(60.9):

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Jasson Dominguez OF(26.5) - Yankees #2 prospect. MLB #39 prospect. With Judge, Reynolds, and Stanton all under contract after this trade(excluding Hicks), Dominguez would almost be blocked. He's profiling more as a corner outfielder than he once was, which makes him more expendable in Yankee Land.

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Everson Pereira OF(16.8) - Yankees #5 prospect. He's already on the 40 man roster, but hasn't played above AA. He will be blocked as well.

2021 New York Yankees Photo Day

Austin Wells C(8.3) - Yankees #4 prospect. Everyone, except the Yankees knows Wells will not be able to stay at catcher. He could shift to LF, which again would be blocked if the Yankees seek anything other than a one year upgrade. Rizzo blocks him at 1B for at least the 2023-24 seasons, and Stanton clogs up the DH spot for even longer.

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Clarke Schmidt SP(9.3) - Clark Schmidt feels like he's been with the organization forever(like Estevan Florial). He still has five years of team control remaining, and could be a very cost effective starting pitcher for the Yankees if they keep him around. That also makes him a very valuable asset for a team like Pittsburgh. Schmidt, could join another ex Yankee - Roansy Contreras in their rotation for the next five years.

A few side notes:

1) I believe BBTV undervalues Dominguez. They've only added something like 1.5 to his value since the beginning of last year and I just think he should be sitting somewhere in the 30's.

2) Periera is probably over valued a little though, considering he's already on the roster but not yet near the majors.

3) The overvalue of Pereira, combined with the undervalue of Dominguez could result in a prospect a couple of notches down from Wells possibly completing this trade.

4) I would include Sweeney in place of any of these prospects and any other Yankee prospect on the Yankees top 30 from #9-30, but I think this is enough of an "overpay" to get Pitt to make the trade, without sacrificing Volpe or Peraza. And, while I'd add Peraza instead of Dominguez, I don't believe Pittsburgh makes that deal. Dominguez has that star power attached to him that makes him a much shinier object for other teams than Peraza. And Peraza will need to see a bunch of time with the big club this year, so moving him would mean more IKF on the field - none of us wants more IKF.

I firmly believe that Bryan Reynolds could provide some mixture of Paul O'Neill and Bernie Williams type production to the current Yankee team. His numbers the last two years align very well with Bernie's age 26 and 27 seasons. He'll never be the best player in the league, and he won't be the best on his own team. But he'll be a damn good player on one of the best teams in baseball that will find a way to deliver in just enough big spots that we'll all be happy with the end results.

What do you think?

1) Pittsburgh wouldn't accept

2) Yankees wouldn't accept

3) Both would reject

4) This looks like a decent deal for both sides

5) Don't quit your day job - This post was a waste of your time and you feel dumber for reading it

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