Offseason Plan to Fix the Yankees

Today I got a little bored and decided to try my hand at fixing our Yankees. Full disclosure...I do not care about going over the tax, but I tried to be mindful of it as we know the lack of spending done in recent years. Most of us on here keep up with the league fairly well, so I will be using only last names/nicknames. This plan has two trades and two signings. My hope would also be to dump Hicks and Donaldson, but that will be hard to do and even in this exercise I kept rejecting my own trades for them. Both of the trades below were validated by MLB Trade Value (best tool for this simulation, but not perfect of course). The goal was to balance the lineup with good hitters, get another SP, provide some stability for the next 3-5 years, and give us a legit three year championship window now. The plan is as follows:

Step 1: Resign Judge 360/9

Step 2: Sign Nimmo 120/5

Step 3: Trade Bader, Torres, Pereira (#5), and Gomez (#16) to the Marlins for Lopez

Step 4: Trade Dominguez (#2), Peraza (#3), and Vasquez (#14) to the Pirates for Reynolds

Your 2023 Opening Day Lineup:

  1. Nimmo CF - L
  2. Judge RF - R
  3. Reynolds LF - S
  4. Stanton DH - R
  5. Rizzo 1B - L
  6. Donaldson 3B - R
  7. Trevino C - R
  8. Volpe SS - R
  9. DJL 2B - R

Bench: Hicks (OF-S), Cabrera (UT-S), IFK (IF-R), and Higgy (C-R) or Rortvedt (C-L)

Your 2023 Starting Rotation:

  1. Cole
  2. Cortez
  3. Sevy
  4. Lopez
  5. Montas
Bullpen: Holmes, Trivino, Loaisiga, King, Luetge, German, and the Shuttle

New top ten prospect list: Wells C, Sweeney SS, Jones OF, Warren RHP, Beeter RHP, Gil RHP, Arias SS, Gomez RHP, Thorpe RHP, and Vrieling RHP

So with that, thoughts? Concerns? Ready to make me GM? Am I fired already? Sound off!

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