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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/31/22

The end of the year is upon us.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at New York Yankees Tom Horak-USA TODAY Sports

We’ve arrived at the final day of the year. 2022 brought its share of ups and downs from a Yankees perspective, but covering it all as part of this community has been a fulfilling experience throughout. We thank you all that have followed along with us this year, and look forward to what should be another fun year in 2023.

On the site, Estevao looks at Brendan Rodgers as an infield trade target, Andrew looks back on the former Yankees we’ve lost in 2022, and Matt, inspired by Aaron Judge being named captain last week, goes back in history to look at the most vexing Yankee captain ever, Rollie Zeider. Peter will perform a “Where are they Now” exercise on the 2017 Baby Bombers, and Andrés wonders if it’s too crazy to expect Judge to again approach the heights he reached in 2022. And lastly, a long-time member of the staff says goodbye.


1. As of now would you take the Yankees, or the field, to win the AL East in 2023?

2. What was your favorite non-Yankee sports moment from 2022?