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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 12/28/22

Carlos Ródon says signing with Yankees “had a lot to do” with Aaron Judge; Matt Krook could become important lefty in the bullpen; Get to know Clayton Beeter, the prospect traded to New York for Joey Gallo

New York Yankees Introduce Carlos Rodon Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

Baseball Bar-B-Cast | MLB Network Radio: Did the retention of Aaron Judge have an impact on Carlos Ródon’s decision to sign with the Yankees? He says “it had a lot to do with it.” By re-signing No. 99, explained that it demonstrated the franchise’s willingness to win; had Judge not re-signed, the Bronx would not have been as enticing a destination.

Sports Illustrated | Max Goodman: In order to make room for Tommy Kahnle on the 40-man roster, the Yankees DFA’d Lucas Luetge, who is a lefty reliever. However, it seems New York believes that they have a replacement for Luetge in left-hander Matt Krook in the ‘pen.

“He’s got some interesting characteristics, so I would not rule it out,” said GM Brian Cashman. “He’s on the roster for a reason because obviously he possesses enough talent that warranted that. He’ll get a real look.” | Randy Miller: The Yankees traded Joey Gallo to the Dodgers for right-hander Clayton Beeter at the Trade Deadline this past summer, and he’s worked his way up the rankings. Beeter is listed as the Yankees’ No. 9 prospect (both by MLB and PSA newcomer Marcus Zappia, as explained here), second among pitchers within the organization. Here’s an interview with the prospect to get to know him more!