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Yankees Social Media Spotlight: Merry Christmas from the Yanks

Aaron Judge and Carlos Ródon say hello, Matt Carpenter says goodbye, and the Yankees say Merry Christmas.

Aaron Judge Press Conference Photo by Dustin Satloff/Getty Images

Since the start of the pandemic, we have kept you posted on what the Yankees have been up to on social media. The MLB season has come to an end, but we’ll continue to see action from our favorite players and Yankee figures. Here’s your weekly update on what your favorite Yankees have been doing on social media!

Captain Judge’s press conference

Congratulations to Aaron Judge, as he was officially welcomed back to the Yankees as the 16th captain in franchise history! Past captains Willie Randolph and Derek Jeter were in attendance for the presser and snapped a photo with the newest leader of the Yankees. It’s one of the best photos you’ll see this week.

Jonathan Loáisiga also chimed in by saying “hi” to Judge with his new title.

Carlos Ródon’s dream came true

Speaking of press conferences, newest Yankees starter Carlos Ródon recently had his presser to be introduced to the Bronx faithful. He posted a flashback video of himself speaking with CC Sabathia where he expresses interest in playing for the Yankees one day. Well, here we are!

Matt Carpenter thanks the Yankees

After a magical run with the Yanks, Matt Carpenter’s time in the Bronx has come to an end as he signed a contract with the San Diego Padres. At 36 years old, Carp had an improbable season at the plate and was a big piece to the Yankees’ offense before he was injured. He took to Twitter to thank the team and the fans.

Throwback of Yogi Berra selling Christmas trees

Not only could Yogi get behind the plate and catch, but he could also sell you Christmas trees prior to days like today many years ago! Before players were receiving contracts for $300 million, they had to work in the off-seasons and Yogi would sell trees around the holiday season. Awesome photo of him and his friends.

And now, please enjoy some Christmas greetings from Yankees past and present! Have a wonderful holiday.