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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 12/22/22

Coming down after a wild Wednesday.

Aaron Judge Press Conference Photo by New York Yankees/Getty Images

Wednesday was a big day for New York baseball, and not for all the reasons that we expected. Sure, Aaron Judge’s nine-year contract was formally announced, and he was named the 16th captain in Yankees history. But the day started with the news that the Mets would sign Carlos Correa on a 12-year, $315 million deal. It’s a stunning development, with Correa and Scott Boras quickly pivoting to the next bidder after a deal with the Giants fell through.

On the site today, Kevin keeps our Best Playoff Games series going with one of the great World Series games of all time, Game 4 between the Yankees and Diamondbacks. Matt will profile Zack Britton as a low-cost free agent target, and also remember Red Ruffing’s remarkable 1930 season at the plate. Meanwhile, check out Malachi’s interesting discussion of some of Carlos Rodón’s mechanical changes, and how they might be helping him shed his injury-prone label.


1. Do you think the Mets’ display of financial might will have any influence on the Yankees’ future spending?

2. Will any of the Knicks, Nets, Giants, or Jets win a playoff round before the Yankees next do?

Also, check out yesterday’s Twitter spaces from Josh, Esteban, and Alex, as they discuss Carlos Rodón, Carlos Correa, and more.