Re-position Judge, Rizzo has opted out.

If, and IMO, that is a huge "if" right now, and since there is a legitimate concern about Judge being hurt during a long term contract, say possibly 7 years, perhaps it would prove to be beneficial for both the Yankees and Judge if he was repositioned to first base. Judge certainly has the physical characteristics of a first baseman and his required mobility and the territory to be covered would be reduced significantly, as opposed to playing the outfield. And Rizzo has opted out of 2023.

It wouldn’t be the first time the Yankees have repositioned a player to reduce his chance of injury and prolong his career. Mantle was moved from center field to first base in his last 2 or 3 years of his Yankee career. The Yankees were able to keep an aging and injured Mantle and his bat, in the lineup longer than if Mantle had continued playing in the outfield.

As I said earlier, if the Yankees re-sign Judge, go ahead and make the move to first base now, before Judge gets hurt chasing a fly ball or a "gapper". Take the opportunity now, to keep him healthy and keep his bat in the lineup. Yes, Judge would have to learn the position, but with his baseball knowledge, his height, his range and his reach, I’m pretty confident both he and the Yankees would be successful.

And yes, Judge could still get injured. But the chance of injury would be reduced and the Yankees ability to keep Judge’s bat in the lineup and to keep him healthy during a "possible" 7 year contract would be increased.

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