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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/30/22

Remember when baseball was still being played at the beginning of this month?

New York Yankees Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

You know that it was a quiet day in the world of baseball when the biggest news was a coaching change. But it involving one of the best first basemen of the past 50 years and a man who was managing as recently as last year, it will grab some attention. The word is that Don Mattingly is likely to join the Blue Jays as a young skipper John Schneider’s bench coach. To that, I say: weird! But perhaps no weirder than when he managed the Marlins for seven (!) years. I’ll let you be the judge in the question of the day.

Today on the site, John will grade Luis Severino’s comeback 2022, Josh will explore former A’s and Mets starter Chris Bassitt as a potential free agent addition to the starting rotation, and Jeff will discuss why he’s looking forward to rookie Ron Marinaccio’s ascendance in next year’s Yankees bullpen.


1. Will Don Mattingly look even stranger in a Blue Jays uniform than he did with the Marlins?

2. Where will Michael Conforto play in 2023 after independently rehabbing all of 2022?