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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/27/22

Sunday’s rundown arrives.

American League Championship Series Game Seven: New York Yankees v. Houston Astros

The world keeps on running, but the offseason is still crawling. Not much has happened of late, and the winter meetings come closer and closer with the hope of kicking off the cycle of moves that are holding everything up. Thanksgiving has passed and with it Black Friday, but perhaps some teams are waiting for Cyber Monday to email some offers to free agents? One can hope, at least.

Today’s lineup starts off with Andrés delivering a report card on Oswald Peraza’s cup of coffee in the majors (as well as some details on his minor league success). After that, Matt takes us back to a time where the Yankees played an egregious amount of doubleheaders in a short span and Estevão makes the argument that Aaron Hicks’ time on the roster should be concluded. Finally, Joe will be around for the social media spotlight.


1. Have any guesses on who will surprise with some free agent spending this year?

2. Now that we’re a bit detached from the season, where does 2022 rank in terms of how fondly you’ll remember this year’s team compared to the last decade or two?