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Around the Empire: Yankees news - 11/27/22

The prospect of Aaron Judge leaving would mark a significant moment in Yankees’ history; lefty hitters could have a fruitful market this winter; Mariano Rivera involved in lawsuit over planned baseball league.

New York Yankees vs Cleveland Guardians, 2022 American League Division Series Set Number: X164207 TK1 | Mike Lupica: While we here will all be hoping it doesn’t come to this, the possibility of Aaron Judge signing elsewhere is still out there as of right now. If he did, he would become the biggest free agent to ever leave the Yankees in their prime. Only Robinson Canó would really come close, and Judge is far more of a “face of the franchise” figure at the time of free agency.

New York Post | Joel Sherman: Through a combination of factors, one player group that could see an increase in value this winter is left-handed hitters. For one, the percentages of plate appearances by lefties was the lowest it’s been in a while in 2022. Between that, some of the most intriguing options being lefties, and the new shift rules that start next season, it could be an interesting market for them this offseason. The Yankees already played into that somewhat when they locked down Anthony Rizzo early into free agency.

New York Post | Kathianne Boniello: An attempt by Mariano Rivera and others to get a baseball league in Southeast Asia off the ground is subject to a lawsuit. Rivera is among those suing the CEO of the planned league, stating that the defendant has attempted to hijack the business deal for personal gain.