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Today on Pinstripe Alley - 11/21/22

The beginning of hopefully a short work week for you.

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

There was very little Yankees news yesterday, so allow me to ruminate on Jorge Posada for a hot second: Man, that dude could hit, and it was so easy to take that for granted. Opposing managers couldn’t play splits with him, either, as he hit .267/.375/.471 with 203 homers in 1,668 games from the left side and .288/.482/.852 with 72 homers in 975 games from the right. No, he was never much defensively, but when you hit like that? Yeah you can crouch behind the plate for two decades. Miss that guy (and Bernie Williams, but “duh” on that).

Barring some surprising Yankees developments, it’s a pretty straightforward day for us on the site. Esteban will present the roster report card for Jonathan Loáisiga and return to profile Carlos Correa (a top free agent target for the second offseason in a row). Later on, John will consider former MVP Cody Bellinger as a rebound candidate in pinstripes, and Madison will post the mailbag prompt.


1. True or False: Jorge Posada was the best Yankees catcher since Yogi Berra.

2. Who will win the World Cup?