Win now - Is that a question?

Yanks cannot waste prime years of Cole and Judge - and perhaps Rizzo.

Thoughts on how to proceed.


Judge is signed. Carpenter is signed.

Money comes in from salaries of Chappy, Britton, Green, Taillon and a few smaller savings.

Add to that $$ saved from dumping Donaldson and Hicks. (Yeah, yeah. No one wants them. Attach prospects to trades so all or most of their salaries go away.) Saved $$ allows Yanks to....

Sign Benintendi to play LF. Sign a Rodon caliber SP.

Trade Torres while he is worth something ( more money saved).

Pen is OK. Catching is set. Starting OF is set. Rizzo at 1B and Peraza at SS. That leaves Carpenter, Cabrera and DJL for 2nd and 3rd. Carp and DJL can spell Rizzo. Keep IKF as utility - or not (more $$ saved). Volpe comes up midseason to play wherever makes sense (DJL and Carpenter not likely to play full seasons FT).

Risky? Yes. Injuries can highlight lack of depth. But betting at least two of the young guys will play well. The SPs are built for the postseason.

But this is doable if Cash can trade Torres, Donaldson and Hicks. Florial can play three OF spots.

This just makes too much sense to me. Yankees are built to win now. It really is not a question.


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